Slimmest side-by-side refrigerator – Haier

Haier announced its slimmest side by side refrigerator – HRF-619KS Black Steel Edition. If you want to add an upscale feel to your kitchen, this side by side refrigerator has the good looks and aesthetics you are looking for. Going away for the holidays? It has a smart function that helps in controlling the temperature while you are away. It keeps the freezer section on as usual and sets the refrigerator section at 62 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid unpleasant odor while not in use for longer duration.

Even better, you can reach all of the crispers without having to open the entire door due to the 90-degree contour door. The HRF-619KS Black Steel edition enhances your kitchen with its premium finish.

Check out the other smart functions available.

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