Get Ready for the All-Electric Ford F-150

Here’s what Bill Ford had to say last year:

“[The F-150 Hybrid is] going to be a truck that takes you farther without sacrificing power and a truck that helps you do more when you get there, with electricity for everything from your tools to your camping gear. And then we’ll keep innovating. When it comes to building the best trucks in the world, we never rest. Whether they’re gas, diesel, hybrid—or when the time comes, fully electric—we will ensure they power the world in a sustainable way and remain Built Ford Tough.”

So when will we see an electric Ford F-Series? It’s quite possible that Ford’s alliance with Volkswagen will lead to that.

Some of us remember when FoMoCo made an all-electric Ranger from 1998 until 2002, so they have previous experience with taking a truck electric. Tech has come a long way since then. And competition will be stiff. Tesla and Rivian Automotive are working on trucks that could have a 400 mile range.


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