Climate Report for North America: USA TODAY

(Photo: Mark Wallheiser, Getty Images) A United Nations report this week outlined the water scarcity, flooding and extreme heat risks possible within decades due to global warming.

You might not think a degree or two change in the Earth’s temperature is a big deal. But actually that seemingly small change can make a big difference. We’re already seeing massive heat waves, with meteorologists consistently reporting record days of heat for the last few years. Already this year the Atlantic has seen 6 hurricanes and we have yet to fully comprehend the devastation of Florence and Michael. And we are now hearing from economists as they try to predict what this means in terms of economic damage.

Read the article below from USA TODAY on more details of what could happen to North America.

Extreme heat, deluges and economic pain: What the UN climate report says for North America The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports on what climate change could mean for North America.


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